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With over 26,000 properties on Airbnb in Dubai, choosing the right partner is crucial for your property’s success.

Letting Airbnb & Property Management in Dubai with confidence

Moving Beyond the Common Approach

At DVH Holiday Homes, we believe that exceptional results require stepping away from the standard approach. Instead of relying solely on crowded platforms like Airbnb & Bookings com, we elevate your property through exclusive channels.

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The Pitfall of Crowded Online Travel Agency Platforms

While platforms like Airbnb and Booking com reach a broad audience, they also present a challenge —intense competition. Your Dubai short-term property could easily get lost among similar thousands of offerings from other management companies. We take a different route, ensuring your Dubai Holiday Apartment Rental stands out through our direct marketing platforms.

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Direct Marketing Platforms: A Different Level

Our platforms,,, and, go beyond being websites—they represent a different level of exposure for your property. These carefully curated spaces provide specialised attention to showcase the unique features that make your property a standout choice for travellers exploring the region.

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What services do Dubai Holiday Apartment offer?

We managed everything to do with your Holiday Apartment in Dubai, we provide pricing suggestions based on market data, historical booking patterns, and property attributes. To maximize your earnings, we use our dynamic pricing tools. We’ve got you covered by listing and marketing your property, all guest communication and verification, checking in and out, property inspections and even maintenance.

What does it cost to list on Dubai Holiday Apartment ?

You’ll only pay a booking fee when you receive bookings.

How much to I paid Per booking ?

Dubai Holiday Apartments Booking fees/ management fees start from 15% per booking. plus VAT

What is your setting up costs?

We have no setting-up costs. However, all Dubai Holiday Apartments need a permit from the DTCM, and a permit fee will apply.  

What happens if something gets damaged?

We make sure your Dubai vacation apartment rental property is protected even after checkout.

Are you looking for protection against larger guest damages for your vacation home? Our Damage Protection Plan covers up to $5 million worth of damages caused by verified guests.

If you already have liability protection, you can consider this additional coverage.

Even if you have property insurance, you may want vacation rental insurance. For added protection, you can set a deposit amount to help with damage reimbursement.